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فلتر ديجيتال الجديد

فلتر ديجيتال الجديد

  • Brand: حبرة شوب
  • Product Code: فلتر مياه
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  • 3,800جنيه
  • 3,000جنيه

New digital filter 

▪️ Ro standard wax machine means you will not find it difficult to supply

▪️ Heat feature: Heater water is heated to boiling point at a rate of 100 degrees Celsius in my country, you can make tea

▪️ Cooling feature: It contains an internal kolder that works to cool the water in a medium degree

▪️ Digital screen to show the percentage of salts and the amount of water in the tanks

▪️ 3 spouts, one for heating, one for the stem, and one from the jamb for the exit of the head

▪️ 12 liter internal tanks (2 tanks) 

▪️ There is with the device (US Membrane 100 gallon / wax the whole device / the stomach bag with all its components in addition to Teflon and nails)

▪️ All spare parts are available

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